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  1. I went on the ‘Grasslands walk’ with Ann. Despite visiting Ooty almost every year for over 16 years now, the walk threw open to me a new world. It was simply the most refreshing view of the lovely Nilgiris. Never felt so close the place as I did on that early morning walk. A must do for all!

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  2. I had a beautiful walk through the Grasslands around the Nilgiris with Ann – I am a teacher at
    The Lawrence School, Lovedale and during our Diwali break, Ann took us, and the school children
    on a grasslands walk. The children were delighted to know about the history of the Nilgiris and learn about the flora and the tribes of the Nilgiris. Picturesque landscapes that took our breath away. Thank you Ann.


  3. It was a great experience. We where able to see so.many different landscapes in only one trekking. Also, is great to learn so many things while having fun.


  4. Ambling with Anne over the Wenlock Downs grassland was a perfect way to spend a winter morning. Her knowledge about and passion for this very special biosphere is educative and entertaining.

    We have also done the historical walk with her, which gave us a wonderful overview of Ooty history and a different perspective on this otherwise quickly degrading town.

    We cannot recommend her walks more highly, and look forward to ambling with her again.


  5. We go for walks with Annie everytime we are in Ooty. It is always the best part of out stay. The walks,the interesting little details and Annie’s off beat stuff is just the best!
    Must must do…she is the best!


  6. I grew up in coimbatore and so have visited Ooty many times but, this April was the first time we did the Heritage Walk with Anne. It was really time well spent. Anne is quite a gifted story teller who is really passionate about history (especially that of Ooty).

    We really enjoyed ourselves and decided to do more of these walks in future.

    Thanks a lot Anne!


  7. My Misery (not anymore)
    I touch and surrender myself to the Earth,
    I become one with my true nature allowing it to emerge.
    From these roots I shall grow…
    By Julie Timms

    If given a chance I would love to be close to nature at every opportune moment. However, that’s not a realistic option given the demands of a city life. My husband and I love spending time with each other and with people we can easily relate to.

    The web page of Amble with ANN was what first caught our attention. We were intrigued thus planned a walk with ANN. We connected with her and got everything planned. We reached Ooty did a bit of our own explorations. The day finally dawned upon us. We meet this wonderful lady who introduced herself as ANN.
    We were taken on an off beat path through the Nilgiris and the grasslands that covered Ooty. The walk was animated and we had lots of fun filled conversations.
    In my opinion, any tourist destination you go to, best reveals itself only if you are willing to explore it as a local. That’s what we did with ANN! We explored Ooty as simple locals, not as tourists. Ooty revealed itself to us in an endearing way. We walked and discovered the locals and their basic ways of co-existing with nature. We spotted the otherwise elusive Nilgiri langoors not one but many! We spotted different birds and flowers. Oh…the grasslands are covered with so many teeny tiny beautiful flowers. If I am asked to describe how the walk helped us discover and thereby describe Ooty; I would say that ‘Ooty was picturesque’.
    But, all of this would have been incomplete without our host ANN..!
    ANN, your personality added the special flavour to our walk.
    So dear reader, if you are a walker, an explorer, Amble with ANN must be on your ‘To do list’ if you are in Ooty. We will have an Ooty visit only if we can Amble with ANN every time we are there 😀.

    Let’s Enjoy and explore respecting nature and her bounty.


  8. Thank you for a pleasurable experience. We will continue this amble that you have made us experience and hope you keep the good work going. A strong recommendation for everyone who likes to go for long walks with friends in peace.


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